5 minutes ago they were chasing the laser

i cant believe you fucking killed your cats with a laser you fucking monster


I respond to the intros of Fall Out Boy songs faster than I respond to my own name 


So is Sebastian Stan ever not going to play an angsty gay boy ??

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[whispers] that character deserved so much better

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"I needed to say good bye, but you never gave me the chance. I need you to know that behind the lie, I see you for who you really are. And I love you. And I know you love me. And I think everyone should know. No more hiding, Jack. You’re too brave to be such a coward. You deserve to be who you really are. I hope this will help.”

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"The lights are down. Be anyone you want."

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You almost died out there.
I didn't. That calls for more living.
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kings rewatch |  goliath - episodes 1/2 

be brave now

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Jared Fowler - Ile Du Nord, 2013

i just finished watching Kings and i feel so betrayed omg


raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl

Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011

MAKE ME CHOOSE: paddyfitz asked house martell or house lannister

Favorite Collections: Elie Saab A/W 2012-13